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2016 Balcony Crop

Our 2016 balcony crop has come in. A bit of a disappointment this year, as we were away for most of August, and were not able to care for the garden as much as we would have liked.

Corn from our 2016 Crop
Corn from our 2016 Crop
  • The corn was harvested too late – by the time we returned home, it was overripe and tasted pretty gross.  It looked OK.
  • Our sunflowers and some of our other flowers died
  • Some of our carrots fared well and tasted great, but another planter of carrots died
  • One of our tomato plants died, the other is still doing well and bearing a couple ripe tomatoes every day

I need a balcony friendly watering system!


2015 Balcony Crop

Which cob is suitable for my 100 meter diet?
Which cob is suitable for my 10 meter diet? Which one is from the store?

Our 2015 balcony crop is coming in.

  • Our strawberry plants have yielded a couple of mediocre berries every day
  • The verdict is out on our first broccoli plants. They do not resemble what we get from the grocery store
  • Cherry tomato yields are good (production is exceeding consumption)
  • Carrots are tasty, but small
  • All flowers are beautiful
  • Pole beans are excellent
  • Chives are excellent
  • We added a third pot of sweet corn. In spite of our late start, it looks like yields have increased and quality is good.