Willowdale Mesh

A mesh network is a network where all participants can communicate with each other, with each participant cooperating with the transmission of information.

Although I can’t think of a practical application for myself, I think it would be fun to build, and I would like to start a wireless mesh network in Willowdale/North York.

Wouldn’t it be neat:

  • To have a wifi connection in Dempsey Park?
  • To build a network of wifi connections, allowing me to reach  friends beyond the range of wifi, at the other end of my street?
  • To connect to my car, 18 floors below me?
  • To connect to my home network in my laundry room?
  • To meet other people nearby who think this is neat?


Hardware: I’m thinking of picking up a TP Link Archer C7 (~$100) for this project.  Most of these projects are targeting OpenWRT firmware, which runs well on these routers.   There are cheaper TP Link routers, but this one apparently has great range, and sufficient flash storage for most of these projects.

Mesh Software:
There are a couple of platforms out there, from early reading, I’m considering
– B.A.T.M.A.N. + BMX – http://bmx6.net/projects/bmx6
– cjdns – https://www.reddit.com/r/darknetplan/comments/2lmpqg/running_cjdns_on_commodity_routers_w_openwrt/

The documentation seems better for BATMAN/bmx6, so I’m leaning towards that option.  This community has a system that seems to custom build pre-configured firmware for a BATMAN/bmx6 mesh: http://libre-mesh.org/

Getting Started

Ideally, we will find a number of people within wifi range.
Are we within wifi range?  My current (non-mesh) hotspot SSID is: bathurst – can you see it?
I can see the following networks – is one of them yours? AshNJay, GoTisthebestshow, IrelandtoCanada, Jaksa, LaStO4Ka, Mehrun, saied, Rogers07512-5G, Rogers17002-5G, SmartRG7912, TFIG4SJD, Toronto Swift

If we can’t establish a wifi connection, perhaps we can setup a VPN or connect to a larger mesh through the Internet.

email: willowdalemesh@hotelexistence.ca